I wish I could say I am good at creating web pages.
Sadly, this is far from the case.
So, I am telling you now - this isn't my work!
Please thank Sadia Fiore for the current layout. She's on the Eyrie,
which is a board dedicated to the discussion of these assembled works, just so you know.
These are the tales I have made. They are the definitive versions of those tales.
By this, I mean that if I update a story in any way...it'll happen here.
Other sites have other rules, you see, and often will not accept the full...
shall we say imagery...of my work. So things get scaled down.
Fanfiction.net has probably got the most updated versions besides the ones you see here,
though pieces may have been torn out for the sake of a lower rating. Listed here are all the fics that are,
or soon will be, housed here. If you wish to see snippets of things
which I am currently working on,
the Eyrie has a few fics (and notifications of updates),
and you can get up-to-the-minute snippets at Storyswapping.

has the most complete archives anywhere, besides here.
I would love for you to leave reviews there;
its primary drawbacks are the ratings system and the fact that it isn't always up.

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Griever and Cadet Days: Cherry Blossoms!

RPG Classics
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I should note here that all of my work, no matter how short or long, works within the same worldview. If I branch out past FF8, I'll modify this page to reflect that. But right here and right now....this is all Final Fantasy 8 fanfic. In rough game-time order.

Dark Messenger is the tale of Diablos, from the days before its creation to - about - the ending of Griever.

Cadet Days is a collection of short stories - mostly about Squall - based in the pre-SeeD days at Balamb Garden. And by pre-SeeD, I mean before Squall got the title, not any of the others.

The Meaning of Hate is a little fic just after Ultimecia's defeat but before the Celebration Ball, about Seifer. It might get expanded on, someday.

Griever and its Chronicles, the primary storyline I follow, are now on their own page. The stories detail the existence of the Guardian Force known as Griever, and will follow its life from its creation to its death. To say more would spoil it for the few who might come here who have not read them...

Griever Chronicles: Lion's Pride is a collection of stories about the Ab Llew children. Just to give y'all an idea of what they were like after Squall and Rinoa got a hold of them.

Triad is an alternate universe - that is, alternate to the Griever Chronicles universe - dealing with the possibility of a three-way romantic triangle between Squall, Zell, and Rinoa. Shared with BlackRose, there is definitely yaoi in this stuff. You have been warned!

Well...these are links to art based on the above works. I find that there is no better way to wake up than to find some kind soul thought enought of my work to make me pictures of the characters and send them to me. Please remember to encourage them if you like what you see!

Guardian Forces (Dark Messenger)

Cadet Days

Griever Chronicles (Griever, GC:Zell, GC:Shutat)

Lion's Pride (Taran, Gwynt, Nodwydd, Daear and the Twins)

Tales of the Mageborn (multiauthored short stories)

Alternate Universes (Bunnycrash/End of Time, Triad)

WinAmp Skins Made From This Art

If you like my fanfic, you might take a chance on reading my original fantasies, Kingfisher and Silver and Sapphire. I work on them all the time, but I can't guarantee output dates as they're very much works in progress. If you would like to C&C - and I mean C&C, not gushing and not silence - email me. If you'd just like to read them without any commitment, you can drop me a fiver and I'll add you to the reader's list.

Thanks for this page's design go to Sadia Fiore of the Eyrie. Thanks Sadia!

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